Reconnect. Live passionately. Realize your potential.

Do you feel empowered and excited about your life? Do you have a strong connection to the Divine and a real sense of inner peace and fulfillment? These are important questions that can show you where you are and where you need to go in your life. If you need a little assistance with the “how to get there” part, my services may benefit you.

I am Reverend Natha and I assist others in rekindling their spiritual connection. I am a Spiritual Counselor and Interfaith Minister. I do not favor one belief over another, nor do I believe you must join a religion to connect to the Divine. I am not a member of any organized religion, but I will work within your chosen faith path. I offer personalized spiritual life counseling to address your individual needs.

What can a spiritual counselor offer you? I offer assistance to meet your life goals, within a spiritual framework to assure a balanced, joyful life. I can give you a fresh perspective, honesty, a step-by-step plan, and lots of support. Exploring and developing your spirituality can deepen the meaning in your life, ease transitions, and rekindle your joy. When you are really ready to apply yourself, there are simple tools and techniques to reach your goals and broaden your horizons. No one can do these things for you, but I can serve as a guide, a spiritual assistant, to get you on your way.

Our society has tried to function, with limited success, while keeping the needs of your Soul separate from day-to-day life. The challenge of our time is to live fully in this world but always keep your spiritual connection strong. Never underestimate your own importance and ability in uplifting human consciousness and changing the world. Even small changes in your life are very possible and very powerful.

Whether you are setting new goals, looking for deeper meaning, or just need a little spiritual boost, it is my honor to walk a few steps with you on your life’s journey...

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